Evgeny Mikhailenko (April 26, 1993) – IFBB PRO athlete in the Classic Physique category.

He was born in Ukraine, in Dnipro.

He graduated from Honchar National University (specialty-philologist of Ukrainian language), but did not go to work in the specialty, and graduated from the Dnieper Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. Eugene tested all his knowledge in the field of fitness and nutrition to give people only a proven experience that works.


  • Absolute champion of Ukraine in bodybuilding (IFBB, UBPF)
  • European Classic Bodybuilding Champion (WBFF)
  • Bronze medalist of the World Championship in Classic Physics (IFBB)
  • MSMC in bodybuilding
  • Absolute champion Diamond Cup Warsaw in the category of classic physicist
  • Absolute champion of the VL CLASSIC tournament
  • Holder of IFBB PRO CARD



2018 Ukraine, Dnipro Cup

2018 Spain, Benidorm World Cup


2021 Ukraine, Kiev VL CLASSIC

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