Alexander Muntyan (December 9, 1993) IFBB athlete in the category Mens Physique.

He was born in Mykolayiv, Ukraine.
He has been familiar with sports since childhood. From the age of 8, parents were taken him to the jiu-jitsu section (classical); studied until the age of 14, after which he moved from Moldova to Ukraine. In Ukraine he practiced karate, football and MMA for 4 years. In addition, he always wanted to be in good physical shape, so every day he worked out on the bars, and at home. He had two wooden bricks and a pair of dumbbells on which he squeezed and rocked his biceps (everything he knew from exercise at the time). In the 11th grade he went to the gym for the first time (“I always wanted to try”), not understanding anything in training, he still got the most pleasure from the first visit and fell in love. I have been working out in the gym for 9 years. Now, with new strength and support, I am preparing for the World Cup.


  • Champion of Ukraine in classical bodybuilding (juniors) IFBB
  • 5th place World Championship 2015 IFBB Mens Physyque
  • Absolute champion of Ukraine Mens Physyque (UBPF)
  • Vice champion Dimond cup Kyiv Mens Physyque
  • Vice champion of Ukraine Mens Physyque IFBB
  • Absolute champion of UFBF 2019 Mens Physyque
  • Champion of Ukraine IFBB 2021 Mens Physyque
  • Absolute European Champion IFBB 2021 Mens Physyque


2014 Championship of Ukraine

2015 Poland, Bialystok World Cup

2019 Ukraine, Kyiv UFBF

2021 Spain, Santa Susanna Absolute World Champion

“I have been in sports for a long time and I can say with confidence that sports nutrition plays a big role in the recovery of the body and the result. In the spring of 2021 I met and decided to try Progress Nutrition, preparing with him for the European Championship.
The shape turned out great, which speaks of the high quality of the product, so I was very pleased. I recommend! ”